Who we are

Fresh Threads is a full service merchandise company helping companies produce, manage and sell merchandise both on location and online. You no longer have to hassle over building an ecommerce store, storing merchandise, managing orders or dealing with nitpicky customers; we do it all for you—and at the end of each month, we send you a check for what was sold!

Printing, Embroidery and, Wholesale

Let us produce your next run of apparel, hats, hoodies, jackets, or whatever you want! Based out of Colorado for the last 20 years, we control the quality and turn-times of our merchandise with our own in-house screen printing, embroidery and custom apparel machinery. There isn’t a product we can’t produce or customize for your fans and customers. And with our wholesale warehouses and pricing, you’ll get more money in your pocket and a higher quality product.


Our experienced and in-house team of designers are always on-hand to bring your ideas to life or even help clean up an existing design. No matter the project, our designers will always ensure the artwork and products are produced correctly and to your satisfaction, guaranteed.

Drop Shipping & Logistics

Maximize margins and increase your revenue by getting access to our wholesale supply chain. Minimize costs by not having to manage inventory, pay for storage or deal with shipping carriers and fees. We handle every part of the process. 

E-commerce and FulFillment

Whether you have an online store, need a store or are just looking to have someone manage your sales channels, Fresh Threads offers solutions for any type of merchandising needs. We will set up and manage your Ecommerce store, warehouse your inventory, process and ship orders, and provide customer service. Using our own developers and logistics teams, we provide a flawless customer-facing platform for your company should you need one or all aspects covered. 

Customer service

Time is money and no musicians have time to be dealing with customer service issues when it comes to merch. That’s why Bass Threads excels at keeping fans happy in two ways: The first is making sure the products are right. Since we are vertically integrated, we can maintain the highest level of quality control. Secondly, we can handle all merch related communications in a professional and prompt manner to keep your fans happy and out of the comments sections.

Lastly, customers now have one central location to buy your custom merchandise, cutting the headache and increasing efficiency. We ship products the same day they’re ordered meaning customers don’t wait long to sport your gear.